Download free printable Grade 7 Economics and Management Sciences Worksheets, Tests, Assignments, Investigations and Projects.


Advertising campaign

Advertising media

Advertising poster

Advertising slogans

Advertising surveys

Assets and Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities in the household

Basic Needs

Basic Needs and Quality of Life

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

Business administration

Business ideas

Business Sectors

Business ventures

Calculating net worth

Careers in the Business Sectors

Characteristics of a Manager

Characteristics of entrepreneurs

Characteristics of leaders and managers



Community leaders

Community resources

Controls in business

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Creative thinking generating ideas

The difference between savings and investments

Different approaches to managing

Economic Development and Apartheid

Electronic Banking

Electronic records

Entrepreneurs in the community


Entrepreneurship 2

Entrepreneurship as a factor of production

Entrepreneurship in joint ventures

Factors of production

Features of advertising

Filing Documents

Financial control



Forced removals under apartheid

Forms of Ownership

Forms of Ownership Businesses

Franchise Businesses

Free and Economic Goods

Functions of the Human Resources Department

Generating business ideas

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management 2

Human Resource Management Process Functions

Human Resources

Human Resources Management Recruitment

Importance of advertising

Importance of leadership

Income and Expenditure

Inequality and affirmative action

Influence of apartheid on economic development

Influence of apartheid on poverty

Influence of Prices on Supply and Demand

Information and Communication Technology




Joint Ventures

Keeping records

Keeping records documentation

Leadership and management

Management functions

Managing a business event

Market Prices

Market research

Measuring productivity

Methods of saving

Needs analysis Business ventures

Needs analysis conducting surveys

Needs and Wants

Needs and Wants Resources

Needs; Wants and Unemployment

Needs and Wants in the Community

Needs; Wants in the Household

Organisational structure




Personal Budgets


Planning 2

Planning a business event

Planning a Market day

Power relationships consumers and producers

Production processes


Productivity and the economy

Productivity of the factors of production

Reconstruction and Development

Redressing economic imbalances

Rights and Responsibilities of customers

Rights and Responsibilities of Producers

Rights Responsibilities and Government

Rights Responsibilities of employers and employees

Roles of Government and Businesses


Security in Banking Technology

Statement of net worth



Statement of net worth Business

Statement of net worth Family

Steps in planning

Storing Documents

Storing documents 2

Styles of leadership

Summative Exam

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand The economic problem

Sustainable business practices

Sustainable Development and apartheid

Sustainable use of Resources

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis 2

Technology in business

Technology in Business 2

Technology in Productivity

The business sector in redressing economic inequalities

The Economic Cycle

The influence of the apartheid economic policies on ownership

Women as Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

Work habits of an entrepreneur


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