Download free printable Grade 7 English Worksheets, Tests, Assignments and Projects.

A research task on FIFA 2010

Book Reviews

Cause and effect, language structure

Classification of text

Collage on Global Warming

Comprehension and response to comic strip Bash Street Kids


Comprehension – The Hairy Toe

Comprehension Adrian Mole

Comprehension, Biographies

Comprehension, interview with Densey Clyne


Concord – a game forward

Conducting a survey and reading of data

Creative writing Memories of the Year at School


Demonstrating and describing a practical task

Descriptive paragraph writing

Designing a brochure for public information

Dictionary work



Direct and Indirect Speech, interview, listening practice, presentation

Direct and Indirect Speech

Discussing Children’s Rights as stipulated in SA’s Constitution

Features of an advert slogan, brand name and target audience

Figures of Speech

Filling in Forms

Finding bias in newspaper reports

Formal and Informal letter writing

Formulating an act of instructions

Grammar games – prepositions

Grammar – adjectives

Grammar – homophones

Grammar – pronouns, reading activity

Grammar – tenses

Grammar probability

Grammar, subject, verb and object

How to use a dictionary


Idioms, creative writing and mind-mapping skills

Informal letters



Interpretation of data from graph

Interview – Youth Day

Limericks and their pattern

Listening comprehension, newspaper report, I am an African

Listening exercise and report writing

Making a poster – Wanted

Poetry A Tennyson The Eagle

Poetry, comprehension and understanding of text

Poetry, reflecting on different poems

Reading and poster production

Reading assessment

Reading comprehension – the medical profession

Report writing, based on graphic date

Responding to Agony Aunt letters and expressing feeling

Role-play and poster

Root words, words borrowed from other languages

Spelling 2

Summary writing, dramatization

Translation exercise

Using a Thesaurus and finding words

Visual Literacy – comic strips

Visual Literacy -Hagar the Horrible

Vocabulary building – adjectives

Vocabulary building through a game

Word Game – Bingo

Writing a dialogue showing how conflicts can be resolved

Writing instructions


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