Download free printable Grade 9 Life Orientation Worksheets, Tests, Assignments, Investigations and Projects.

Brainstorming and mind map

Celebration of a national day

Citizens rights and personal choices on debate

Citizens rights and personal choices on Essay

Citizens rights and personal choices

Contributions of religion in promoting world peace

Cultural dishes in South Africa

Cultural diversity in South Africa

Cultural diversity in South Africa 2

Cultural food – dishes in South Africa

Deaf pupil’s court battle

Dietary influences

Ecological factors and dietary choices

Environmental law

Environmental problems in the community



Family as a social structure

Health safety programmes

Health services and treatment options

HIV – AIDS campaigns in South Africa

Human Rights

Interpersonal relationship – dating

Interpersonal relationship with parents

Interpersonal relationships with teachers

Israeli – Palestinian conflict

Letter writing – Interpersonal relationships

Major religions of the world

National day – report

National health and safety programme

National health and safety promotion programme

Nelson Mandela day



Participation in planning of the celebration of a national day

Personal and social causes of substance abuse

Personal community and environmental health


Positive personal qualities – Creative writing

Positive personal qualities – disabled athletes

Positive personal qualities – Oprah Winfrey

Positive personal qualities – picture and list

Positive personal qualities – Tiger Woods

Positive personal qualities

Posters about tuberculosis

Rehabilitation from substance abuse

Research on health services and treatment options

Research on roles and responsibilities of different family members

Rights and Personal choices



Rights and responsibilities

Role play on substance abuse

Role-play – Interpersonal relationships with friends

Social relationships and groups

Social relationships

Social responsibility on role play

Social structures and organisations

South Africa’s public holidays

Speech on health services and treatment options

Substance abuse

Test of interpersonal relationships – matching columns

The Dalai Lama – The great spiritual leaders

The value of diversity

War and world religions

Weddings case studies

Weddings in South African and Western Europe

Writing an essay on national day


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