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A healthy mind and body


Advertising media

Advice on careers

African cultures

Attitudes HIV/AIDS

Balance movements

Balancing your body

Ball games

Being organised

Building a positive self-image

Career choices

Career fields

Career planning

Careers – brainstorming

Careers – case study

Careers – personal potential

Careers – role play

Careers in medical field

Caring for others – charity



Caring for the needy

Cheating in sports

Choosing a University

Citizenship, Human Rights, South Africa 1

Citizenship, Human Rights, South Africa 2

Civilized society

Community, disease, HIV

Completing tasks on time

Conflict resolution


Dealing with choices

Dealing with emotions

Dealing with emotions – role play


Design a game

Different religions

Disease, cancer, attitudes

Disease, community, attitudes

Disease, HIVAIDS




Diversity – religion

Elevation movement and injuries

Elevation movements

Eleven official languages


Environmental Health

Environment, pollution 2

Environment, pollution 3

Environment, problems

Environmental health

Exploring cultures

Feelings – emotions

Fitness programme

Forms of advertising

Further study institutions

Gender stereotyping

Health disease, HIV AIDS

Health, nutrition, eating habits

Healthy living – being active

Healthy self-image



How to make good decisions

Human Rights, South Africa, Citizenship 1

Human Rights, South Africa, Citizenship 2

Human Rights, South Africa, Citizenship 3

Human Rights, South Africa, Citizenship 4

Identifying conflict situations

Importance of a fitness programme

Importance of advertising

Improving body strength and balance

Influence of media – alcohol

Job satisfaction

Journalism – reporting article on a school event

Keeping fit

Low self-esteem

Malnutrition and starvation

Movement – exercises

Oral traditions

Oral traditions – selfishness and greed

Orientation – activity

Orientation – concepts of orientating



Orientation – developing a map

Orientation – outdoor activity

Orientation – physical activity

Orientation – stretching activities

Peer pressure, attitudes, values

Peer pressure, sexuality

Personal diet – A healthy daily diet

Personal diet – A healthy daily diet 2

Personal diet – A healthy daily diet 3

Personal diet – A healthy daily diet 4

Personal diet – A healthy daily diet 5

Physical activity

Physical fitness

Positive self-image

Practical stretching activities

Prejudice, Stereotyping 1

Prejudice, Stereotyping 2

Prejudice, Stereotyping 3

Prejudice, Stereotyping 4

Qualities of good decision makers



Range of emotions


Religious teachings – Islam

Religious text – Christianity 1

Religious text – Christianity 2

Resolving conflicts


Rotation movement

Rules in cricket – fair play


Self confidence


Sexuality, attitudes, values 1

Sexuality, attitudes, values 2

Sexuality, risk behaviour

Showing respect

Smoking cigarettes

Social wellbeing

SQ3R study method

Stimulating decision-making

Study methods



Study methods – taking notes

Study skills

Study skills – procrastinating

Studying is planning

Subject choices

The connection between a healthy mind and body

The decision-making process

The importance of having a good self-image

Time management

Value systems and traditions

Values – cheating

Values – respect

Volunteer organisations

Work choices


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