Guidelines for Development of the SCHOOL TIMETABLE – Reopening of Schools (COVID-19)

The purpose of this document is to explore the different models schools can follow when they reopen and to ensure that all schools adhere to the social distancing regulations. The document will explore the different models of timetables that schools can follow post the lock-down to minimize the risks of learners and the personnel in schools contracting and spreading the infection.

Due to the diversity of the landscape of the country’s schooling system, this guideline document will look at different models, including learners going to school on a rotational basis, learners alternating classes on different days of the week, as well as a platooning system.

The advantages and disadvantages of each of the three models will also be highlighted so that schools can select models that best suit their contexts. Of utmost importance, is ensuring that lives are protected while the Sector also ensures that its primary role of providing education to learners is fulfilled.

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