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Albert Einstein

Analysis of information text

Aural text – King M – setting plot character

Bias in language usage

Class discussion on junk food

Class discussion on the best computer games

Components of sentences subject predicate object main clauses subordinate clauses etc

Comprehending visual text – TJ

Comprehension test – Mention of Bus Rapid Transit

Conducting a survey on food preferences

Creative writing using aural and visual prompts

Critical language awareness – abusive tricks through language

Critical response to text – Feeling Stressed

Debate on Animal Rights

Deliver a pursuasive speech focus on the language used



Delivery and content of an impromptu speech

Delivery of an impromptu speech

Describing an activity you also have to demonstrate

Determine cultural and emotional value in visual text

Determining word meaning

Develop a questionnaire and interview your neighbour

Developing a questionnaire for learners on crime

Developing writing and presenting a role play

Discuss what Human Rights are

Discussing a contentious topic

Doing a project – a local sight of interest

Film – Dancing in the Barn

Film analysis – Witness

Formal and informal language

Formulating instruction which others must follow do



Grammar – fill in the correct word

Grammar – meaning of certain prefixes and suffixes

Grammar in context parts of speech prepositions

Have a debate on a contentious issue

Have a debate on transport issues – Bus Rapid Transport

Hold a debate and consider communication of ideas and a range of interaction skills

Identifying register – Brother Ali

Identifying Register In Texts

Idiomatic expressions – game trade or custom meaning in context

Implied meaning in sentences

Information about – He ain’t heavy he’s my brother

Interview and recording of answers

Language structure – sentence construction

Letter writing formal elements

Listening and discussion



Listening and speaking discussion and viewpoints – Mention of Bus Rapid Transit

Listening Comprehension – a horror story

Listening Comprehension – song

Listening comprehension – The Lowdown on High Heels

Listening comprehension of radio advert – Hyenas Laughing

Listening comprehension of radio advert Service is more…

Listening comprehension of radio advertisement

Listening Skills – King of the Underground Drum

Listening skills and sequence texts

Listening skills speaking discussion bias and prejudice

Listening Skils and conversation – Oh my word

Listening Skills and conversation – Oh my word

Listening to a factual text

Listening to a radio advertisement

Listening to a short talk



Listening to the praise poem

Main clauses – subordinate clauses

Making a humerous speech for entertainment purposes

Making a mind map for essay writing

Making a survey – designing of instruments and date analysis plus writing the report

Making an impromptu speech

Manipulative language use

Narrative poetry – Lord Randall

Narrative poetry – The Highwayman

Newspaper article analysis – Pathetic

Newspaper letter analysis

Paragraph writing consider only one main idea

Poetry analysis – The Sea

Prepare a speech on the topic – Opposites Attract

Prepared reading of an abstract to your class



Preparing a drama role play

Preparing a pursuasive speech

Preparing a short speech

Punctuation exercise in context

Punctuation exercise

Read an advert and apply the AIDA principles

Read an extract from a novel to your class

Reading a text from a novel to your class – focus on meaning and efficiency

Reading a text to your class – focus on the feedback of others

Reading aloud from a book of your choice

Reading an advertisement-Seniors at Total Fitness Health club

Reading and discussion of The Hero

Reading and response to a letter

Reading and response to text – buyers beware of prescription drugs

Reading and summarising a printed article



Reading comprehension – Dicing students lead cops on a merry chase

Reading comprehension – figures of speech

Reading comprehension and punctuation

Reading comprehension creative writing – Jasons Big Test

Reading comprehension -Facing up to a new life

Reading comprehension on Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Reading comprehension on Xenophobia

Reading exercise to determine tone and key features of a text

Reading texts and allocating headings

Response to text – Anne Frank’s unstilled voice is still audible

Sentence construction conjunctions and relative pronouns

Sentence types command statement question instruction and exhaustion

Song Analysis and context – Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Song comprehension – He ain’t heavy he’s my brother

Speaking Planning a discussion



Strategies for better spelling

Style – sentence construction sentence length sentence type

Text analysis – Figures of Speech

The unprepared speech – techniques

Using a dictionary

Using common abbreviations

Verbally explain to others how to do an experiment

Visual literacy – composition of a photograph

Visual literacy – Mama Taxi

Word meaning roots and current meaning

Writing a descriptive essay using auditory and tactile imagery

Writing a diary entry

Writing a letter describing an event you attended

Writing a summary on Why child stars drown in drug riddled hole

Writing an own poem


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