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EDUPSTAIRS has been concerned about a number of qualified teachers who struggle with the KZN Unemployed Educators app as well as the web portal. We have been in contact with the KZN DoE IT Department Team to try and figure out what were the causes of these problems.

There are originally two ways to register as a Qualified Unemployed Educator in the KZN DoE:

  1. On the App (Which you normally download from Google Play Store or Apple IOS)
  2. On the Web (Normally using Google Chrome or any web browser)

We have been told that the App has faults and they are doing everything they can to fix it. In the meantime, all Qualified Unemployed Educators are requested to use the web portal to register.

Please note that the KZN DoE is using the Qualified Unemployed Educator Web Portal (NOT THE APP) to place teachers at various schools that have open vacancies.

As EDUPSTAIRS, we have tested the Web Portal and it works perfectly fine.


The following are some of the problems experienced by teachers who are trying to register on the Web Portal:

  1. ID Number already exist
  2. Cannot upload documents


  1. ID Number already exist

When registering on the system teachers tend to forget their email addresses they have used to register, even the password. That is why we always advice teachers to write down their details in case they forget.

When the system tells you your ID number already exist, it does really exist. This means that you need to login to the portal.

Login to the Web Portal Here


On the login page, you need to click “forgot Password”. You will be required to enter your ID number and the system will email you a link to reset your password. You will need to access your email or check your inbox.

After resetting your password, you will need to login again using your ID number and the new password that you have created. You are good to go.

  1. Cannot Upload Documents

One of the main reasons that the document upload fails is that the file you are trying to upload is actually “Big” in size than the size required by the system. Most online systems only allow up to 5MB.

We were advised by the KZN DoE IT Department that the only way to upload documents successfully is to do the following:

  • Documents need to be in a JPEG (Picture) format, not PDF. Pdf files are usually larger in size as compared to JPEG’s.
  • Use your smartphone to take pictures of your documents. We also recommend any scanner app on your smartphone that you can download on Play Store or IOS.
  • If your transcripts/academic results (not your certificate) has multiple pages, put at least 3 pages next to each other side by side and take 1 picture instead of 3.

But why is it important to register on the KZN Qualified Unemployed Educator Web Portal?

When you look at the Qualified Unemployed Educators’ Web Portal on the Home Page of the KZN DoE website, you will see that the HR District Officials as well as School Principals also have accounts. They also login to the system and have access to every qualified teacher who has registered on the portal.


The KZN DoE has streamlined the recruitment process so that it becomes easy and quick to fill a post in any school that has an open vacancy.

When you have successfully logged on to the system, you will see on your account dashboard the “interviews” tab, the “Edit Bio” tab; the “Edit Academics” tab and the “Edit Job Preference “ tab.


When a teacher has an interview, it will be loaded on the “interview” tab that is why it is very important to keep checking your account.

As EDUPSTAIRS, one of our main objectives is to make sure that Qualified Unemployed Educators find employment. We have made it one of our main focus areas to try and reduce the number of unemployed graduates especially in education.

If you are a teacher and looking for a teaching vacancy in KZN DoE, you are advised to register on this Portal.




  • I am miss NN Nxumalo who is a qualified unemployed educator majoring with Economics and Business studies in FET phase. Please help me to find a job it’s been years, no lucky even SGB post , temporary, substitutes. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

  • I am Fezile Precious Malinga qualified teacher for Intermediate and senior phase, my specialisation is Zulu, English, Life Orientation and Life skills anyone who can help me to find a job any type of post will be appreciated and I don’t mind to relocate…Thank you in advance

  • I’m Cindy occious Mkhuphuki qualified teacher for intermediate and senior phase,my specialization is Social science ,Zulu and English,I wish I can find a job I don’t have any problem to travel..I will be glad if my application is successful thank you.

  • Greetings

    My name is Sphiwe Gabisile Simelane I am a qualified educator seeking employment. I am very passionateand enthusiastic about my work.

    My Major subjects is Life Sciences ,Natural Sciences (Ns) and isiZulu. I do have 2 years experience for teaching Life Sciences grade 12, If can get or given an opportunity i am capable to teach Life Orientation (LO), and Agricultural Science/ Geography
    Contact me when in need of a teacher either Temporary or substitute i am always available. My Contact numbers 0630252527/0769366898

  • I am Qinisile Ashley Khanyile, a qualified teacher for intermediate and senior phase.My specialization is English, Isizulu, Natural Sciences and Lo. I will appreciate anyone who can help me find a job around kzn and I don’t mind even in rural areas .My contact details are 0782182528 or Email – [email protected] Thank you in advance.

  • Im Sindi Glenrose Dlongolo a qualified teacher for Grade R,with teaching experience in intermediate and senior Phase for 5years(IsiZulu, Social Science and EMS).I don’t mind to relocate please.Im passionate and dedicated to my work.My contact is 0728078192/0785770859,email: [email protected] help me find a Job I’m desperate.Your help will be highly appreciated,I thank you.

  • Hi, my name is Hlengiwe.Cele I’m a qualified unemployed Educator. My specialization subjects are English isizulu and Life Orientation. I’m a senior and FET phase Educator. I have 3years experience teaching English and Life Orientation in DHET TVET COLLEGE environment. I adapt easily I’m willing to teach social science. I’m willing to relocate I’m desperate to find a job any assistance would be highly appreciated. My number is 078 686 3888 email- [email protected]. Willing to take substitute, SGB, Perm posts.

  • Hi my name is Fatshe Ablonia Seanego . I am a qualified educator , my major subjects are Sepedi HL and life sciences grade 10-12, and life orientation grade 7-9. No teaching experience but I have undergone teaching practice for all the above mentioned subjects. I’m currently residing in Gauteng province but my home town is Bochum and willing to relocate to any province. I can teach any subject in primary except Afrikaans and home languages , the only language I can teach is sepedi and English.

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