Download free printable Grade 9 Economics and Management Sciences Worksheets, Tests, Assignments, Investigations and Projects.


Accounting in retail and service businesses

Balance sheet for a retail business

Balance sheet for a service business

Calculating sales price, cost of sales, mark-up and profit

Characteristics of goods and services

Corporate social responsibility

Demand and supply curve

Demand curve

Develop an electronic invoice template

Diagram of the economic cycle

Economic cycle

Economic growth, economic development and the national budget

Factors influencing demand and supply and price

Formal Assessment Task 1

Formal Assessment Task 2



Good investments for an average household

Goods and services in my community

Government expenditure

How accounting software helps a business

How demand and supply influence price

How does the national budget influence sustainable growth and development

How investing in a business contributes to economic growth and prosperity

How needs and wants determine demand

How productivity affects economic growth

How savings and investments can create wealth for households

How savings contribute to economic prosperity and growth

How the interaction between demand, supply and price affects business performance

How you are perceived

Identify the factors of production

Implementing a PR strategy



Important international agreements

Income statement for a retail business

Income statement for a service business

Influence of productivity on economic prosperity

Investing on the stock exchange

Labour issues

Name the factors of production

Net worth and accounting concepts

Plan to save

Problems faced by the RDP

Productivity and global competition

Prosperity in South Africa

Reasons for trade with the foreign sector

Relationship between goods, services and money

Revising short-cut keys



Software for businesses

Sources of Government revenue

Statement of receipts and payments

Successes and shortcomings of the RDP in the period 1994 to 2001

Supply curve

Survey of needs and wants of your household

Survey on social responsibility

Surveying the productivity of a business community

The circular flow of money

The importance of environmental responsibility

The importance of households

The income statement and the balance sheet

The meaning and function of a budget

The national budget

The needs and wants of your school community



The political role of trade unions

The relationship between demand, supply and price

The role of GEAR

The role of the RDP today

The role of the RDP today 2

The social and political role of trade unions in the apartheid era

Trade with the foreign sector

Understanding the concept of sustainable development

What are regional agreements

What is productivity

What is the foreign sector

What is the RDP?

Why environmental responsibility is important

Why public relations are important


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