Download free printable Grade 8 English FAL Worksheets, Tests, Assignments, Investigations and Projects.

Analysis of an advert on Educational Charity

Answering questions to Do you like dancing

Complete the sentences by filling in the correct form of the verb

Complete the sentences by filling in the correct prepositions

Complete the sentences by using a, an or the

Comprehension – listening

Debate on – Female athletes are to be paid the same as male athletes

Developing a short conversation

Dictionary skills

Discussion on Old Age

Elements of a book review

Exercise on reported speech

Give the correct form of the verb

Grammar exercise – give the correct form of words

In a paragraph explain your favorite sport



Language structure verbs ending on –ing

Listening and retelling a factual text

Listening comprehension – a conversation

Listening comprehension – Cupid’s Arrow

Listening comprehension and summarising of text

Poetry – Boy on a Swing

Prepare a short role-play and using specified sentences, phrases, words

Prepare a short role-play report on an incident and use appropriate language

Preparing a role-play on inviting and refusing the invitation

Radio Drama – listening comprehension Tommy – Whose Mother Couldn’t Love Him

Reading a diagram-chart

Reading a letter and answering questions 2

Reading a letter and answering questions

Reading a text and determining setting and character

Reading an advert and answering questions



Reading and dictionary work – The Elephant’s child

Reading and understanding poetry – A Newly Born Calf by Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali

Reading comprehension – Feeling like a failure

Reading comprehension – Happiness

Reading comprehension – Soap operas

Reading comprehension – Stop that noise

Reading comprehension -Albert Einstein

Reading comprehension on a text

Reading comprehension on Love, David by Dianne Case

Reading comprehension on school bullying

Reading comprehension on The longest moment in my life

Reading skills and vocabulary exercise

Referencing skills in a magazine and encyclopaedia

Responding to questions and preparing a short speech

Structure of a good writing piece- introduction and conclusion

Telling a story in the Home Language and ask someone to translate this

The meaning of words

The notice – read and comprehend

Write a dialogue on a social happening

Write a diary entry

Write a personal letter

Write a story – The longest moment of my life

Writing a letter on any problem teens are facing

Writing a personal letter

Writing of a narrative (creative writing)


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