This Leadership programme is designed to enable School Leaders to lead an effective school with the primary aim of improving teaching and learning in their schools.

The Leadership programme contains six Leadership workshops totalling 81 hours. It is designed to be delivered to clusters of schools as one workshop per term for two years. The workshop content aligns with the school year, therefore it is recommended that the workshops start in Term 1. Some concepts are then re-visited and built upon in the second year.

Year 1

  • Introducing school leadership
  • Introducing school development planning
  • Introducing academic leadership

Year 2

  • Capturing the needs of all pupils in the school improvement cycle
  • Making progress with academic leadership
  • Raising achievement of all pupils

The Leadership programme is designed as both face-to-face workshops and activities to try back in school with help and guidance from the School Support Officer. In addition, two other resources are used throughout the programme:

  • School Leader Video Clips
  • School Leader Handbook

These two additional resources can be taken away by the Head Teachers to use in their schools. The Leadership programme is aligned to the Standards and criteria for an effective school. However they are the criteria for any good school and so can be used in different contexts as well.

The timings give an outline for how long each session and activity should last. However, this will depend on the participants. If you need to spend longer on one area to build understanding that is fine, but you may need to reduce the time available elsewhere.

Each session gives clear instructions to be followed, highlights key points to be stressed to participants and outlines how to conduct activities. The instructions should be followed closely but you can adapt them to your own style and the needs of your participants. You can translate them if needed and make notes on the page. Let participants know that it is acceptable to express themselves in the language they feel most confident.

At the end of each workshop the participants have tasks to carry out in their schools. It is your job to make sure they understand exactly what should be done back in school and to follow up and support Head Teachers with this task in school. Improvement will only be made if what is learned in this workshop is practised in school.

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