This training focuses on two critical aspects of the responsibilities of principals – instructional leadership and curriculum coverage. The core sentiment of this training is that principals must lead the process of curriculum coverage, and they must assert their roles as the instructional leaders in their respective schools. In this regard, this training is rooted in the assumption that unless principals exercise instructional leadership in their schools, the school is most likely to encounter challenges in the coverage of the curriculum by its teachers.

The training seeks to define the role of the principal and it seeks to build the knowledge and capacity of principals in exercising leadership in order to maximise curriculum coverage.

This training recognises and asserts the importance of curriculum coverage, but it also recognises the challenges associated with maximising curriculum coverage in school. For this reason, the training seeks to explore the manner in which the principal can establish a sound foundation in the school for effective and productive curriculum practice, and the manner in which principals can prepare themselves to respond to the wide range of issues which generally arise.

This training is divided into 14 sections outlined below:

  1. Curriculum Coverage
  2. Issues related to curriculum coverage
  3. Self Assessment for curriculum management
  4. Assessing your organisation
  5. Assessing your level of readiness in curriculum management and instructional leadership
  6. Business Processes for curriculum Management
  7. The Curriculum Culture
  8. A Plan to Build a Culture for Curriculum Coverage at my School
  9. Structure for curriculum management and delivery
  10. Building Teacher Morale through enhancing Structures for Curriculum Delivery
  11. Planning for Curriculum Coverage
  12. Envisioning your school year
  13. Timetabling to maximise curriculum coverage
  14. Annual and Term Planning by HODs and Teachers

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