What is the IQMS?

The IQMS is an integrated quality management system that consists of three programmes, which are aimed at enhancing and monitoring performance of the education system. These are:

  • Developmental Appraisal;
  • Performance Measurement; and
  • Whole School Evaluation.

The purpose of Developmental Appraisal (DA) is to appraise individual educators in a transparent manner with a view to determining areas of strength and weakness, and to draw up programmes for individual development.

The purpose of Performance Measurement (PM) is to evaluate individual teachers for salary progression, grade progression, affirmation of appointments and rewards and incentives.

The purpose of Whole School Evaluation (WSE) is to evaluate the overall effectiveness of a school as well as the quality of teaching and learning.

These three programmes are implemented in an integrated way in order to ensure optimal effectiveness and co-ordination of the various programmes.

Purpose of IQMS

  • To identify specific needs of educators, schools and district offices for support and development;
  • To provide support for continued growth;
  • To promote accountability;
  • To monitor an institution’s overall effectiveness; and
  • To evaluate an educator’s performance.

This IQMS training programme is divided into 14 sections outlined below:

  1. Roles and responsibilities of individuals and structures involved in implementing the IQMS
  2. The implementation Process
  3. Records and Documentation that need to be developed and maintained
  4. Guidelines on evaluation and adjustment of scores
  5. Leave taken during the IQMS cycle
  6. Staff Movements
  7. Instruments used for IQMS
  8. Performance Standards
  9. Composite score sheets
  10. Personal Growth Plans
  11. School improvement Plans
  12. Pre evaluation profile checklist
  13. Whole school evaluation
  14. Developmental appraisal

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