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A transformer

Access to electric power

Analysis of the fuctionality of a product

Ancient levers

Ancient mechanisms

Ancient wheel mechanisms

Bias – advertising


Bias – physically impaired

Bias – visually impaired

Case study – Solar panel

Case study and research

Case study – Machines

Changing axis and direction

Choose the best model – draw 2D and 3D sketches



Circuit board

Circuit symbols

Circuit symbols 2

Cocaine – The legal alternative

Combining materials with fibres

Comparing lighting

Comparison by drawing two types of bridges


Design – isometric drawings 1

Design – isometric drawings 2

Design – isometric drawings 3

Design – isometric drawings 4

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3



Design a package for a gift

Design and make a toy

Design of laminated article

Design of structure

Develop a project portfolio

Draw 1

Draw 2

Draw and label four design features of a bridge

Draw and label rough sketches of a bridge

Draw isometric drawings

Draw isometric figures

Drawing – copying

Drawings – copy 1

Drawings – copy 2




Electrical components

Electrical power

Electrical vocabulary

Electromagnetic game



Energy sources

Evaluating plastic containers

Evaluating the bridge design

Evaluation of self

Evaluation of structures

Evaluation of ways of packaging

Food – consumption

Food – overweight



Food – traditional and indigenous food

Food packaging

Food products

Frame structures and reinforcing techniques 1

Frame structures and reinforcing techniques 2

Functions of a machine

Gates 1

Gear identification

Gears and pulleys

Gears of a car

Gears test

Gears test 2

Gears test 3

Identification of forces

Impact of electricity



Indigenous plants

Investigate processing of composite materials

Investigate what the bridge will be used for

Investigating combination of paper

Investigating the logic gates

Investigation of a problem and finding a solution

Knowledge of frame structures, reinforcement and relationships 1

Knowledge of frame structures, reinforcement and relationships 3

Knowledge of structures, design and strengthening techniques

Knowledge of structures, reinforcement and relationships

Light design

Linked levers

Looking at a torch

Making the model of the bridge

Material support



Materials strengthening and support

Mechanical advantage (MA) provided by pulleys

Medicinal plants and the market

Orthographic projection


Practical investigation

Problem identification and design specification

Problem identification and finding a solution

Processing of clay


Properties for packaging

Pulley ratio of simple pulleys

Pulleys – Investigation

Pulleys provide a speed advantage

Pulleys transfer movement in different directions



Reinforcing concrete

Reinforcing of materials

Reinforcing technique

Research – food lunches

Research different materials for packaging

Research on bias

Research on different existing structures

Research on the different houses

Research on the existing structures

Research on the types of materials

Research the processing of indigenous plants


Safety in a factory

Self-evaluation following completion of a module on structures

Shape of materials



Strengthening of manufactured boards

Strengthening of materials

Strengthening packaging through lamination and folding

Strengthening through folding

Structures and stability

Switches in parallel


Test – Levers

Transformer calculations

Truth table

Understanding cranks

Understanding cranks 1

Understanding gears – lawnmower

Working with food

Working with polyester

Write a design brief for a model of a bridge


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