The Limpopo Department of Education has published an open vacancy list No.1 Volume 2/2021 which contains advertisements for Deputy Principals’ Posts across all Limpopo Districts respectively.

As EDUPSTAIRS, we advise all Deputy Principal applicants to familiarize themselves with the NEW PUBLIC SCHOOL PRINCIPALS’ HANDBOOK.

The handbook provides guidance on three important areas:

  • Academic Leadership,
  • School Leadership and
  • School Development Planning.

This handbook is NOT a policy document but it is a practical guide that is designed as a reference for Public School Principals to consult as they carry out their day to day roles and responsibilities. It will support Public School Principals to lead an effective school with the primary aim of improving teaching and learning in their schools.


  • This is an open vacancy list No. 1 Volume 2/ 2021 dated 1st September 2021, advertising Deputy Principals’ posts for all Districts.
  • It is the responsibility of schools to ensure that their staff and governing bodies are informed about the contents of this preface.
  • The placing of an advertisement does not automatically imply that the filling of the post(s) will be authorized by the Department.
  • All enquiries of a general nature with regard to this vacancy list should be directed to Messrs Nethengwe S, Matshaya HS, Makama MM and Mesdames Ngwepe MP, Mmowa LS, Phasiwe N and Malla RA at telephone number 015 284 6500.
  • The Department takes no responsibility for applications that are lost in transit or arrive late.
  • The closing date and time of receipt of applications will be communicated in a circular that will accompany this vacancy list.
  • The date of appointment with regard to posts advertised in this vacancy list will be determined by the Department.


  • A separate form, LPDE 1 must be properly completed and signed for each post applied for. This form is available at Schools, Circuit Offices, District Offices



  • The District in which the institution applied to is situated must be clearly marked at the top cover page of the LPDE 1 form.
  • Applications must in addition, include the following documents with each application:
  • Certified copies of all formal (academic and professional) qualifications from Matric ( Grade 12 ) upwards .
  • A certified copy of a SACE certificate.
  • A detailed curriculum vitae ( CV )
  • A certified copy of an age exemption certificate (e.g. Matric / Grade 12) where applicable
  • A certified copy of an identity document.
  • Applicants are requested to use addresses and contact numbers at which they can be contacted easily even over weekends and vacations.
  • Applications should be directed to the Districts where applicants are applying to. The addresses and contact numbers of persons at District Offices appear at the beginning of the vacancy list of each district. Please mark your envelope for the attention of the contact person.
  • Mode of transmission shall preferably be by hand delivery or registered mail;
  • Transmission of applications through fax, e-mail and internet is not allowed;
  • The burden of proof of transmission of the application shall lie with the applicant; and
  • Applications must be directed only to the District in which the school applied to is located;
  • Applicants must ensure that the information they provide on the application form is correct in all respects. The Department does not take responsibility for inadequate and/or incorrect information provided by applicants.
  • The Department reserves the right to withdraw any post from the vacancy list.


Medical fitness

  • Minimum of REQV 13 qualification which must include appropriate training as an educator
  • Registration with the South African Council for Educators (SACE)
  • Applicable experience
  • B. Actual educator `s experience as well as other appropriate experience is taken into account for the purpose of appointment at level 2 and higher.

Evaluation of qualifications

  • The evaluation of an educator `s qualifications to determine whether they are appropriate for appointment or not and to determine what the Relative
  • Education Qualification Value (REQV) of the qualifications is, shall be done in accordance with measures contained in the document `Evaluation of Qualifications for Employment in Education`.
  • Requirements for re-appointment of educators who have retired or have been retired prematurely

Applications which belong to this category will be handled in accordance with principles as set out in paragraph 2.3 of the PAM.

Applications should be submitted to the respective District in which the post is located.

The closing date for all applications is 1st October 2021 at 16:30

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