Download free printable Grade 9 English Worksheets, Tests, Assignments, Investigations and Projects.


Advertisements and related actions – reactions

Book review, grammar on a text from S. Memela

From interviews to role play and other written language forms

Language and vocabulary on an extract of Flowers of the Nation

Listening and essay writing

On a diary entry – Blue Train to the Moon do comprehension and language exercises

On the poem – The Twins by H.S Leigh do interpretative exercises

Reading a newspaper article for comprehension and resulting written responses

Reading a newspaper article

Reading a novel – A Deadly Presence

Reading comprehension – Boy in da city

Reading comprehension – The township boy

Reading comprehension on a text by Mamphela Ramphele – Steering by the Stars

Showing understanding of a text graphs as well as summarising the text in words

Ways of reading a text and resulting responses

Write a response on a formal letter on Corporal punishment in schools

Write the dictation of a letter


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