Fostering Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Through Robotics & Coding (STEM)

At Edupstairs, our mission is to prepare our learners in disadvantaged communities for a lifetime of interest in Science and Technology.

Our main objective is to close the opportunity and achievement gaps that exist between learners from underprivileged communities and the privileged by teaching them Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through Robotics and Coding. This will help them become resilient, creative and innovative thinkers and will prepare and empower them for leadership in their communities and success in their personal lives. We want to see all learners in South Africa enjoy the same economic opportunities despite their backgrounds.


The program that we offer at Edupstairs to our learners in underpriviledged communities are much more than a STEM kit that teaches just one or two concepts—we provide our learners with a comprehensive whole child grade R – 9 curriculum, Growth Mindset Activities, Social Emotional Activities (SEL) and robust and reusable Mobile STEM Labs that encourage collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. Whether you need a STEM program for your school or district, a library, or an after-school program, you’re in the right place.

At the end of the Program:

  1. Learners develop into well-rounded individuals with healthy mental awareness.
  2. They will persevere in the face of failure, determined in the face of difficulty, and will have a strong focus on what is possible for them to achieve.
  3. They will establish and maintain healthy relationships with peers and adults
  4. They will be able to take calculated risks and be more confident in their decisions.
  5. They will have an upper hand over other learners and find it easy to survive in a world where technology keeps on changing.
  6. They will achieve technical and interpersonal skills they will need to influence the future economy of South Africa and become well-rounded adults.

Curious to see our curriculum in action? See what A Typical Day looks like at EdUpStairs.

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