Sifiso Mhlongo is a former Mathematics teacher turned education dreamer who is interested in how learning is changing in a digital and connected world. This includes, among other changes,  critical thinking, critical literacy, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), the rise of self-directed learning, Project – Based Learning (PBL) and the need to evaluate existing content and the CAPS curriculum in light of modern knowledge demands.

He is a founding director for Edupstairs, a non – profit organization that aims at Promoting innovation in education through the growth of innovative teachers

“When we focus on teaching content rather than teaching the child, we lose the child. When seeking improvement, we seek to improve how we’re doing what we’ve always done, but more of it–faster and more efficiently. We break the learner and their sense of self to fit in stuff. We seek to improve our collective processes to cause more learning, which makes as much sense as teaching students how to read instead of why.”

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