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Accounting – practical activity

Accounting concepts

Accounting Concepts – Cash Receipts and Payments

Accounting terminology

Assets and Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities – Households

Banking – Investment


Banks in South Africa

Benefits of Technology

Business activities in the Economic sectors

Business ideas

Business ideas in Manufacturing

Calculating Interest

Career planning



Cash Receipts and Cash Payments Journals

Category – Levels of work

Characteristics of forms of ownership

Characteristics of the National budget

Commercial banks and entrepreneurship

Computer skills

Computer skills – practical


Computers – Hardware

Concepts on economic growth and development

Cost calculations

Economic cycle

Economic cycle, sustainable growth and development and financial skills

Economic inequalities

Economic Systems – Capitalism



Economic Systems – Communism

Economic Systems – Mixed Economy

Entrepreneur and government

Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge


Entrepreneurship – case studies

Entrepreneurship in the Formal sector

Entrepreneurship in the Informal sector

Exports and Imports

Financial concepts

Formal and Informal businesses

Formal and Informal sectors

Forms and functions of money

Forms of money

Forms of ownership



Forms of ownership 2

Forms of ownership in the Formal and Informal sector

Forms of ownership in the Formal sector

Forms of Savings


Franchising – How it works

Functions of money

Goals of the RDP

History and Role of Trade Unions

History of money

Imports and Exports


Informal businesses in the community

Informal sectors in developing countries

Interpreting a statement of net worth



Investing in a business

Investing in Shares

Investment and the average household

Investment Strategies


Job responsibilities – descriptions

Jobs, careers and planning

Key concepts

Keyboard functions

Leadership and Management strategies in investment

Leadership and Management styles

Leadership strategies

Management concepts


Measuring Inflation




Net worth and wealth

Principles of the RDP


Productivity and Technology

Promoting entrepreneurship

Purchasing Materials

Reconstruction and Development Programme – Housing

Reasons for Inflation

Recording Accounts


Retirement investments

Role of money

Saving at a bank

Savings and Investment



Savings and investments 2

Savings plan

Service businesses

Service Businesses – Tourism industry

Source documents

Source documents – Deposit slips

Source documents – Invoices

Source documents – Receipts

Source documents in a business

Start-up and running cost of a small business

Statement of net worth – Business

Statement of Receipts and Payments – Cash Book

Stimulating the Economy through the RDP



Structures of organisation (organogram)

Successful entrepreneurs

Sustainable growth and Development

Technology in the household

Technology, economic growth and development

The Accounting equation

The economic problem

The National budget

The National budget and economic growth

The Production Process

The Reconstruction and Development Programme

Tourism industry

Trade Unions

Trade Unions – rights and responsibilities

Trade Unions in South Africa

Types of entrepreneurship

Understanding Inflation

Understanding net worth

Unlimited wants and limited resources – scarcity

Using Word

Using Word – designs

Word – word processing


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