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Additional and equivalent fractions

Algebraic expression

Algebraic expression and equations

Algebraic expressions – equivalence

Algebraic expressions – perimeter

Angles and measurement

Constructing nets of polyhedra

Construction of polygons


Conversion of triangles

Data handling

Data handling – charts and graphs

Data handling – tables and charts

Data handling and probability

Data interpretation – stem and leaf

Data interpretation – table

Diagrammatic patterns and number patterns

Diagrammatic patterns, number patterns and graphs

Drawing of graphs



Equations and graphs

Exponential notation

Exponential notation and laws


Expressions and like terms

Expressions and operations

Expressions and surds

Factors and multiples

Finance maths involving rates

Finance mathematics



Finance mathematics and percentages

Finance maths

Finance maths on rates and ratio


Fractions and operations

Functional relationships

Functional relationships – graphs

Functional relationships and algebraic equations

Geometric figures and shapes

Graphs and functions

Input and output values



Interpretation of a pie chart

Interpretation of data

Interpretation of graphs

Interpretation of graphs – time and speed

Interpretation of graphs and functional relationships

Interpretation of graphs, ratio and proportion

Irrational numbers

Measure of dispersion – mean and median

Measurement and area

Measurement and time

Measurement of angles and construction

Multitudes and number pattern



Number operations

Number operations and exponents

Number patterns

Number patterns – finding a term

Number patterns – sequence

Number sentences

Number sentences – equivalence

Number sentences, ratio and proportion

Number sequence

Numbers and operations



Numbers and relationships

Numbers and scientific notation

Numbers, operations and fractions


Operations and fractions

Operations and multiplication of fractions


Patterns and algebraic relationships

Patterns and functional relationships

Patterns function and rate

Perspective drawing

Pie chart

Place value

Possible outcome – probability

Prime factoring

Prime factors and numbers


Properties of geometric figures and shapes

Relationship between input and output values

Scatter plots and functional relationships

Scientific notation

Similarity and congruency

Transformation and measurement

Transformation geometry and properties of geometric figures



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