ADOBE InDesign CS6

ADOBE InDesign CS6

Learn about creating professional worksheets, posters, flyers, brochures and more with this free Adobe InDesign CS6 workshop.

This Adobe InDesign CS6 workshop teaches you how to use the popular desktop publishing platform Adobe InDesign. In this workshop you will learn about the basics of text formatting, image file formats and colour, as well as how an InDesign document is printed, and how its contents can affect your printing methods.

Detailed Description of the Workshop

InDesign is a desktop publishing and typesetting software programme made by Adobe, and is widely used by teachers, publishing and print industry professionals for creating worksheets, posters, brochures, flyers and even eBooks. This workshop will give you a detailed understanding of what it is and how to use it.

The workshop starts off with the basic introduction to the application, such as creating documents, navigating the interface, setting preferences and saving documents. Then the workshop moves on to the main tools taking you through each type, from basic selection tools to object creation, and object manipulation. Next the workshop moves on to creating text frames, importing text, how to use features such as find and change, and how to track changes for collaborative work on a document. You will also learn about formatting text, paragraphs and creating columns for displaying your content in magazines or newspaper layout.

You will also learn about images, starting off with the digital image formats, and the differences between them and which to use where and why. You will learn about importing images, moving, resizing and cropping images, along with importing images Adobe’s free Mini Bridge Software, fitting images into a content frame and how to add caption to them. You will learn about creating and drawing shapes using both the predefined shape tools, and free hand drawing using the pen and pencil tools. You will learn about editing and formatting the shapes and how to work with anchor points. Finally, you will learn about colours and how different settings of the colour of your images and documents can affect the costs and effort required to print your document.

Workshop Outcomes

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Recognise how to create documents and set your personal preferences
  • Identify how to use the tools for selection, moving, object creation, object manipulation and framing.
  • Recognise how to use frames to place text and graphics
  • Recognise commands and tools for formatting text and paragraphs
  • Discuss the different types of image files that can be used in InDesign
  • Identify how to import and manipulate images
  • Identify how to draw and manipulate objects

This Workshop is divided into six main sections:

Getting started with InDesign

This section shows you how to get started with Adobe InDesign.

  • Introduction to InDesign CS6
  • Creating a new document
  • Application and Interface overview
  • Working with pages
  • Viewing document pages
  • Rulers, measurements and guidelines
  • Setting preferences
  • Saving your document

Tools Overview

This section introduces you to the Tools Overview in InDesign.

  • Moving the tool panel
  • Selection tools
  • Object creation tools
  • Shape and frame tools
  • Object manipulation tools
  • Miscellaneous tools

Working with Text and Formatting Options

This section shows you how to work with Text & Formatting Options.

  • Creating a new text frame
  • Working with columns
  • Importing text
  • Inserting special and Break Characters
  • Using spellcheck
  • Using the find/change feature
  • Tracking changes
  • Character formatting controls
  • Working with character styles
  • Paragraph formatting controls
  • Working with paragraph styles
  • Working with Hyphenation controls
  • Working with tab stops

Working with Images

This section shows you how to work with Images in Adobe InDesign.

  • Digital image format options
  • Importing images
  • Importing images from Mini Bridge
  • Moving, resizing and cropping images
  • Fitting images to content frames
  • Working with captions

Shapes and Drawing

This section introduces you to Shapes and Drawing using InDesign.

  • Creating basic shapes
  • Drawing shapes with a pen tool
  • Drawing lines with a pen tool
  • Drawing with a pencil tool
  • Moving, resizing and rotating shapes
  • Editing shapes
  • Working with anchor points

Working with Colours

This section shows you how to work with Colors in InDesign.

  • Comparing colour types and modes
  • Working with colour swatches
  • Managing colour swatches
  • Importing colour swatches

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