About our courses

About Our Courses

Continuing Teacher Professional Development, or CTPD, is the process of continually developing or maintaining a teacher’s professional skills. CTPD helps teachers focus on how they can become a more competent and effective professional.

Non-Institutional CPTD Skills Training for Free

EDUPSTAIRS’s aim is to create universal standards of education and learning for every teacher whether in a private or public school. Our view is that access to knowledge and skills should be available to every teacher and educational leaders regardless of nationality and should be a universal opportunity of empowerment. That’s why EDUPSTAIRS is a non-institutional platform that directly bridges the gap between those with teaching skills and those looking to gain teaching skills.

It’s simple. Edupstairs works with subject matter experts from the Commonwealth Education Trust’s Teach2030 and Global Text Projects  for which it publishes content. These experienced professionals use their applied knowledge to create the courses on our platform. We then open up these courses to the world for free. This direct connection between the skilled and the upskillingallows us to speedily develop new courses and update existing courses in a fast moving world where knowledge isn’t static. Above all, it enables us to provide free access to the study of subjects to anyone who wishes to learn.

High Pedagogic Standards

While the subject matter experts creating our courses ensure that the course content is up to date and contains the valued knowledge and skills of experienced professionals, Edupstairs separately ensures that all courses maintain a consistent standard of pedagogic expertise, such that they are well-structured, easy to follow, and clearly communicate valuable information to the learner.

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